Balancing and Detoxifying Toner


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Laavanya Luxury Ayurveda’s Toner

Aromatic blend of pure Sandalwood oil, Tulsi, Khadir, Musta, Lavender and Rosemary oil; cleanses and soothes the skin, shrinks pores, hydrates and stimulates circulation.

Directions to Use

Apply after cleansing the face. Spray the toner onto a cotton ball and wipe face and neck using smooth, gentle upward strokes. Apply Laavanya Deep Nourishing Cream or Laavanya Radiance Cream to finish off.


Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Khadira (Acacia Catechu), Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus), Lavender oil (Lavendula Vera), Sandalwood oil (Santalum Album), Rosemary oil (Rosamarinus Officinalis), Peppermint oil (Mentha Piperita).

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